Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pentecost Sunday, June 12

The festival of Pentecost or the Day of Pentecost was the day on which God sent the Holy Spirit to us. It was the day on which the New Testament church began. The day of Pentecost, as many theologians have said is the BIRTHDAY of the Christian Church.

The word "pentecost" is a Greek word. In the Old Testament this special day was called the feast of WEEKS or FIRST FRUITS (Ex.23:16; Lev.23:15-21). "...Pentecost was held annually from a very early date.." and "..Pentecost must have naturally suggested itself as a complementary festival (to the Passover) commemorating the fulfillment of Christ's redemptive task."

The WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA definition "Pentecost" says "From at least the 200's, Christians celebrated Pentecost on the seventh Sunday after Easter as one of their greatest feasts..." The oldest secular writings we have concerning the celebration of Pentecost is dated in the 2nd century (100-200 A.D.).

Let these historic references inspire you to bring a friend to Mount Hermon for Pentecost Sunday, June 12, as we celebrate not only our church but the church as a historic and transformed idea.

Our Pentecost celebration will include the baptism of two young people during 11:00 am worship, and a picnic on the church lawn will follow. All members, attendees, friends and guests are invited and encouraged to participate.