About Us

The mission of Mount Hermon Presbyterian Church is to be a loving family of believers and a place where all are welcome and accepted. As we focus on the teachings of Jesus Christ, we strive to serve as a source of spiritual growth, to reach out to those in need, and to reflect God's love throughout the local community and beyond.

Church Leaders
  • Teresa Franklin: Pastor
  • Ann Davis: Organist
  • Robert Meadows: Clerk of the Session
  • Kathy McCay: Moderator of Presbyterian Women
  • James McCay: Treasurer
  • Harry Rice: Assistant Treasurer
Elders and Committees of the Church
  • Melissa Tufts: Chair of Missions/Evangelism Committee
  • Frankie Vieu: Chair of Worship Committee
  • Sheila Davis: Chair of Christian Education Committee
  • Joe Griffeth: Chair of Building and Grounds Committee
  • James McCay: Chair of Administration Committee

A Brief History of Mount Hermon Presbyterian Church

Mount Hermon has led an active part in the spiritual community life of Madison County for more than 125 years. The church’s beginnings can be traced to April 29, 1882 when a group of people held a service in a brush arbor near the church’s present location in Ila.

Early members envisioned a Presbyterian church in Madison County. With the help and support of the Athens Presbytery, Mount Hermon was formally established under the arbor on July 28, 1883. The name is taken from a place of Biblical importance in the Golan Heights. The founding minister was Groves H. Cartledge.
In 1885 three acres of land were deeded to the church. This land is the present day site of Mount Hermon’s third and current home, which was erected in 1912.

At the 100 year celebration an elder said, "Mount Hermon has weathered the boll weevil, drought, pestilence, depressions, wars, and the decline of population in rural areas." Mount Hermon respects its deep roots while also embracing change and innovation. Traditions now include an annual Kirkin’ of the Tartans, a celebration of the church’s Scottish heritage.